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Let your Divine Light SHINE!

Activate sacred healing within,
Integrate knowledge and gifts from past lives, Connect with your Highest Timeline for
Ascension. SHINE your authentic, gorgeous,

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YOU have gifts waiting to be activated.
YOU are on this Earth to make a change.

I am here to lovingly support and empower you to discover awakened purpose and healing.


Hey y'all!!
I am Candace.

Welcome to my cozy corner of the Universe! 

I am a Light Language practitioner, 

Trance Channel Medium, 

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Practitioner, and a Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher. 

I am honored to connect with you on your spiritual journey.

If you choose to let me walk with you on this part of your journey, I will create a sacred and safe space to hold you in love and acceptance and allow healing to take place.

In this space,

You are safe

You are accepted

 You are loved

We will connect with our intuition, Spirit Guides, Higher Selves, Archangels, and high vibrational Beings of Light to 



and ALIGN with your Highest timeline. 

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Take the next step on YOUR healing journey

Reiki Therapy

Healings & Clearings with Light Language and Channeling

In these sessions, I channel personalized light codes and light language to bring forth healing, clearing, and timeline activations for your Highest Good and Highest Timeline. This may include a channeled message; clearing of chakras, timelines, or past lives; healing for your energetic bodies: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual; or activating spiritual gifts into your Ascension timelines.​

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Light Language Session

Recorded 15 minute session $35

Light Language, Card Pull, & Channeled Message

Live or Recorded 30 minute session $77

Ascension Timeline Activations & Clearings

Live or Recorded 30 minute session $77

1.  View and clear any past life relevant to the session


2.  Activate spiritual gifts into your current timeline and any timeline you will reside in while on your Ascension Path with the help of Archangel Metatron


3.  Release related blocks in your current timeline and any timeline you will reside in while on your Ascension Path with the help of Archangel Michael

Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) sessions are an opportunity to explore the lives of your soul and receive spiritual guidance, growth, and healing.

First, you will be guided into a relaxed state, where you will experience moments from lives that are relevant to your intention and for your highest good.


Then, we will connect with your Healing Team to complete a body scan and receive deep healing.


Lastly, we will connect to your Higher Self and ask the questions that you will create before the session. 

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Explore your multidimensional, quantum self on a soul level. 

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Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

which includes:

  1. A video call where we will get clear on your intention for the session and questions to ask your Higher Self.

  2. A healing and clearing recording to remove any resistance and help you prepare you for the BQH session.

  3. The online BQH session where you will be guided to explore up to three of your soul's lives, receive healing from your personal Healing Team, and receive guidance from your Higher Self.

  4. A recorded 15 minute follow-up session.

Stressed Woman


Expand your knowledge with

Light Language or Holy Fire® III Reiki.


Attune to Beings of Light and learn how to connect with them.

Light Language Class


 Online and in person $144
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Holy Fire® III Reiki Class

Online $250


Light Beings Attunement

Option 1:

Bundle of 2 Attunement Recordings $33

Option 2:

Live 15 min Attunement $44

Option 3:

Live 30 min Attunement $77

Receive a pre-recorded or live attunement to specific Beings of Light of your choice or let Spirit offer suggestions during a live attunement! 

Possibilities include:

- Elementals, Galactics, Goddesses or Gods, and more!

Client Love
Candace was a wonderful Light Language teacher!
 I was nervous but felt very comfortable with her. She was gentle, encouraging, and held a safe place for me to learn and practice beyond my comfort level. Her healing and spiritual gifts allowed for many guides and Divine Beings to be present and help attune me to Light Language. She checked in often as to how I was feeling and to see if I had any questions. I have received additional insights and healings with Candace and she has always been spot on with her guidance from Spirit. I would highly recommend Candace for any healing services you desire! 

- Mindy B

How to Connect with Me


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Schedule a 15 minute chat over Zoom!


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Book a virtual session!


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All Healing is Self Healing
but you don't have to do it alone

It is my mission to create a safe and sacred space
that will hold you in love and acceptance,
allow sacred healing to take place, and
see you shine brighter than ever before.

we can MOVE toward your
most joyful, peaceful, and aligned self.

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Online Meditation

Receive a free
Light Language recording!

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